Starting in June 2014, DNA Diagnostic Center of Ohio-U.S.A established a partnership with DNA Diagnostic Center (DDC) Indonesia. Wherever you are in Indonesia, we can help you with your DNA Testing needs from Paternity Testing, Family Relationships, Immigration requirements, Veterinary DNA Tests as well as Forensic DNA Testing purposes.

We are located at Global Doctor Medical Center in Pejaten, South Jakarta with the following address : Jalan Warung Jati Barat No. 98 - Jakarta 12150 - Tel 021-7980183.

For more information you can contact us 

by email to :

by phone : 62 21 7980183

by whatsapp : 0812-1225-1851 or 0812-9603-3147


DNA Diagnostic Center (DDC) - Indonesia

DNA Diagnostics Center


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Paternity Test

Maternity Test

PreNatal Test

GrandParent DNA

Sibling Analysis

Twin Zygosity Test

DNA Reconstruction

Aunt-Uncle DNA

Y-Chromosome DNA

mt DNA Comparison

Immigration DNA

DNA Testing for Ancestry

SkinCare DNA

Veterinary DNA